Indigo Star Nation


A special online event conducted by Irina Grundler

7:30 pm


You are invited to join Irina Grundler and OMA's spiritual community to learn about:

  • Who the Indigos are
  • Where they come from and why they are here now
  • How to recognize an Indigo
  • What you should know if you have an Indigo in your family
  • How to help Indigos to adjust to our society
  • What is the difference between Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids

The content of this lecture includes Irina's personal experiences with her Indigo clients.

Star travelling souls coming to Earth from a Star system called Nihal (in the constellation of Lepus) have a very specific purpose--promoting consciousness from within the human experience. Based on what Irina has learned from her Indigo clients, Nihal souls have always been here, but they were once relatively rare. This situation changed following WWII when humanity needed much help. This compelled more Nihal souls to come, and since then we have seen them here in three big waves. Not only children can possess Indigo consciousness, but it can be you, your spouse or other friends and family members.

Please join us:
This is a Zoom event. Instructions and online access details will be sent to your registration email address the day before the event.

PLEASE NOTE: The number of participants for this event is limited. A donation is required in order to gain access to this event.

If you cannot afford to donate, please email to let us know. (No one without funds will be turned away.)


About Irina Grundler
Irina's journey toward spiritual awakening began more than 25 years ago and since that time she has engaged in holistic energy practices and specialized in th EMF Balancing Technique®. She offers her wisdom and expertise through classes, lectures and workshops throughout the Pittsburgh area. Irina successfully divides her time between family, spiritual practice, a real estate business and playing in the Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra. 

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