Steve Sciulli: The Singing Life of Plants, an Interspecies Collaboration


A virtual, live musical collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Steve Sciulli and The Singing Life of Plants!

7:00 - 9:00 pm Eastern Time
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Botanical musician Steve Sciulli combines ancient, sacred and traditional instruments with leading-edge technologies to accompany the real-time musical expressions of living plants. The result is an intricate, multi-level textural, ambient flow of music–a direct result of  co-created biocommunication.

Watch the recording of The Singing Live of Plants

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Steve has explored this new form of musical collaboration with living plants that respond to the stimuli around them. He's found that plants, like humans, seemingly have distinct personalities and sensitivities, and can respond and interact in surprising ways with elements of their environment.

What might an orchid sound like whilst receiving a cool, soft misting of water? Imagine the song of the amaryllis as it’s leaves are gently stroked by caring hands. How might a Ficus tree express the sensation of a breeze blowing through it’s limbs?

The natural and subtle electrical signals emitted by plants can trigger electronic musical instruments, giving them voice. During a performance, Steve builds musical foundations in a self-generative sound environment, which ebbs and flows in response to the ontological values among plant, performer and environment.

About Steve Sciulli
As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and pioneer in sound healing and sound meditation, Steve Sciulli, has been in service to music his entire life.  He is well known as a performer, music educator, interdisciplinary sound artist, sound therapist, writer and teacher, with over 5000 public performances and more than 20 recorded albums of original music, as well as folk, ambient and new age music albums.

This event will be a co-created sound experience... relax, get comfortable, put your headphones on and enjoy this unique adventure. CAUTION: may result in an improved state of well-being in body, mind, and spirit!

The agenda will include an introduction and a performance followed by Q&A.

Please join us in this special event!

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