Steve Treu – “New Eyes”


A Unifying Vision of Science & Spirituality

7:00pm Event begins. Doors open at 6:15pm for light reception (wine BYOB and also provided by OMA)

La Dorita (0n Main St., Sharpsburg, immediately near the Highland Park Bridge) REAR ENTRANCE

2312 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

"Science and spirituality have long been considered to be in conflict with each other, but it is becoming clear that the two disciplines are not mutually exclusive - they are merely different ‘languages’ that explain the same thing."  --Steve Treu, New Eyes

Please join us as Steve Treu speaks to us about his new book, "New Eyes," in which he tells us that Einstein and friends back up the world’s religions and shows us how quantum physics points to the world being an illusion that is really just a playground for souls to learn and grow.

“New Eyes’” is about the science of spirituality and how all of the world's religions are ultimately pointing at the same idea ... that we are eternal conscious beings interacting in an illusory physical world.

Steve Treu is a licensed professional counselor and Chief Visionary Officer for Quantum Revolution Inc.  His insight-focused therapy uses quantum physics to help clients understand the scientific nature of reality, and process what it means for them from both a physical (body) and non-physical (soul) perspective as they heal themselves.  As an applied quantum philosopher, Treu assists people in exploring their infinite possibilities as they improve their lives through a variety of mind, body and spirit techniques.  His quantum counseling methods are indeed revolutionary and are geared specifically toward those struggling with addiction or mental health issues.

Please check out this interview to learn  more information about Steve Treu and “New Eyes”



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