Dancing Mindfulness (In-Person ONLY)


Presented by Melissa Moore & PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape)

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm THURSDAY. Doors open 6:45 pm.

WHERE: Unity Center of Pittsburgh

5343 Kincaid Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224


COST: Early Bird $17.50
Regular $20, Door $25

If you cannot afford a ticket, we offer scholarship assistance. Click for more information.

Join OMA and PAAR as we explore Mindfulness, Music, and Movement in this transformative and healing experience

Dancing Mindfulness is a practice developed by clinical trauma specialist, Dr. Jamie Marich, that utilizes evidence-based modalities of mindfulness, psychodrama, and spiritual practices, like yoga and meditation, to promote holistic wellness and recovery. This movement workshop will teach the principals of mindfulness and incorporate music and movement with a non-judgmental attitude. Participants will focus on being aware of breath, sound, body, mind, spirit, and story through the use of music and dance.

No dance experience is required, and all physical abilities are welcome.

Learning Objectives

  • Define mindfulness and explore the benefits of practicing mindfulness to overall health and wellness.
  • Examine seven primary attitudes of mindfulness.
  • Identify the seven elements of dancing mindfulness.
  • Practice dancing mindfulness, incorporating the attitudes of mindfulness and elements of dancing mindfulness through music and movement.

This is a live event being held at the Unity Center of Pittsburgh (5343 Kincaid St, Pittsburgh, PA 15224).  This event will NOT be broadcasted live or recorded.


About Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore is the Supervisor of the Child and Family Counseling Center at PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape) and PA Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor. She provides trauma-informed therapy to children, adolescents, and adults having experienced sexual trauma at using modalities of TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy), CPT(Cognitive Processing Therapy), Trauma Art Narrative Therapy (TANT), and Sensory MotorArousal Regulation Therapy (SMART). During her study at Duquesne University, where she received her Master of Science in Education in Community Counseling Services, Melissa interned and volunteered at the Women’s Center and Shelter of Pittsburgh, providing trauma-informed individual and group counseling to survivors of domestic violence. Her thirteen years of experience working in the mental health field has been exemplified by past work at other Pittsburgh, PA community mental health agencies such as Pittsburgh Mercy, TCV Community Services, and Peoples Oakland. Performing and teaching dance most of her life, she is trained as a Dancing Mindfulness facilitator. Melissa has facilitated the Dancing Your Emotions workshop for PAAR’s Wellness Series and other community conferences in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

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