The Alphabet Circle Journey (2-part series)


Start your New Year with Intention! Join this 2-part series on the Alphabet Circle Journey and learn the lessons to live your best life for 2022 and onward!

9:00 AM - 12 PM EST

Zoom Meeting

February 12th & 19th
9 AM to Noon EST, both Saturdays


Presented by Dr. Maxine Wright-Walters

Are you looking for a revolutionary approach for distilling the essence of human interaction and relationships? Are you ready to be your upmost self as you were created to be? Then join us for this 2-part online series!

Author, speaker, and certified life and behavioral coach Maxine Wright-Walters, PhD, has spent years helping others find purpose within life’s highs and lows. And now she’s here to share all the tools you need to unpack the failures and reinforce the key qualities of your relationships, and the driving force to your best life so you can achieve the greatest outcome on your spiritual journey through our unique human experience.


In this 2-part online series, Dr. Maxine will present specific practices and concepts that teach us the A to Z of how to cultivate an empowered mindset and find out who we truly are from the soul’s perspective. With Maxine you will follow the Companion Workbook, with carefully structured quizzes and exercises that allow you to explore the meaning of events in your life, and achieve the best outcome on your spiritual journey through our human experience.

The Alphabet Circle Journey Workbook
The Companion Workbook provides the means to put into practice the concepts and methods which Maxine teaches in this course: The A to Z of how to cultivate an empowered mindset and find out who we are from the soul’s perspective.

The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life
Maxine's book: An exploration of the deeply held ties that bind all of humanity, and the invaluable knowledge released when they're broken, that shows us the path forward.

About Dr. Maxine Wright-Walters

Dr. Maxine Wright-Walters is a mother, nature lover, author and scientist who loves people. She is also a certified behavioral coach, public speaker and consultant who focuses on teaching and helping people to live their own best lives.

Arriving in her forties, Dr. Wright-Walters embarked upon her best life journey. It was while on this quest she discovered The Alphabet Circle Journey™.

The multi-talented Dr. Wright-Walters is a member of the Squirrel Hill Writer’s group, and the owner and director of a consulting firm, specializing in Environmental & Public HealthConsulting, Environmental Data Validation. She comes from a large family in the beautiful island of Jamaica. Her dad was a farmer and empowered her to believe that the sky was the limit. Her love of nature and gardening comes from her experiences on the farm with her Papa.

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