The Great Reframe in Healing from Trauma


YOU ARE NOT ALONE--Reframe any negative beliefs of self that were imprinted upon us from trauma.

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Eastern Time

Zoom Webinar

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Healing from trauma of any kind is a continual process of reframing. We must dispel the negative and distorted thoughts or beliefs of self that have been imprinted upon us or that we have automatically developed because of the traumatic experience and pain we've suffered. You wouldn't place a band aid on an open gaping wound... Give it the same type of healing care you would normally give to a much larger gaping wound. Stop minimizing the trauma and the effect it has had on you and your life. 

Automatic negative thoughts and distorted beliefs are very common among us all in reaction to trauma and severe stress. These negative thoughts can overwhelm our normal flow of thinking and prevent us from functioning normally in daily activities with work, family and our lives in general.

By noticing and challenging our negative thoughts and finding them to be either untrue or unhelpful, we can develop more positive thoughts that are more accurate, more helpful, and which better promote our healing process.

In this webinar, panelists will share their insights on recovering from trauma through life stories and the experiences that have supported them on their path to healing. Panelists will also share holistic practices that may help those who have suffered similar traumatic experiences.

This panel conversation is part of OMA's Trauma Program, designed for the sharing of stories around our diverse life experiences and exploring the connections among us all. Join us as we explore Learning to Love the Process of Healing from Trauma.

Panelists: Marilyn Carpenter, Deb Carter, Angela Failor, Carlynn Graves, Callie Gropp, Elizabeth Homlish, Gail Hunter, Paula Ilochi, Treble NLS, Mai Nguyen, Liza Vivio. See past panelists.

Moderator: Callie Group

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, an OMA Webinar Series featuring a panel conversation on trauma and recovery—We are all connected on this journey of healing, of both self and humanity, from our own individual traumas as well as our collective traumas.

These panel conversations are part of OMA’s Trauma program, designed for the sharing of stories around our diverse life experiences, and exploring the connections among us all. Please join us in this online series as we continue our journey home to ourselves and to one another. –Callie Gropp, Moderator
Let’s all drop the pretense that we are either normal, or abnormal…
We are all in the same support group: ordinary people who must deal with the struggles that come with being human. 
We all carry this heavy weight—a trauma, whether from childhood abuse, childhood adverse experiences (ACE's),domestic violence, gaslighting, bullying, emotional/ verbal abuse and manipulation, medical trauma, and injury.   We all at the same time struggle to meet our basic human needs for connection, community, acceptance, and validation among ones who share our culture and language, or not, for authenticity–the capacity to feel what we feel and to be in touch with our bodies and to express what we feel when we need to.
Fundamentally, that is the ultimate trauma, the disconnection from ourselves…
In this webinar series we believe that in the presence of compassion, healing is possible. Only with compassion can we bear our pain. In the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying the author says, whatever you do don’t shut off your pain. Accept your pain and remain vulnerable. –Mai Nguyen, Panelist


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