Quantum Physics The Invisible Plague

The Invisible Plague


The Invisible Plague - Bringing the Ego Epidemic to Light

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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For thousands of years, humanity has been suffering from a pandemic far worse than anything we have ever experienced before, and very few actually know about it. While it has prematurely killed hundreds of millions over the centuries in brutal fashion - and ultimately eliminates everyone who gets infected by it - we never even hear about it on the evening news!

It's the Ego Epidemic, the root cause of all the pain and suffering the world has ever known. 

In this lecture, Steve Treu will "out the ego" and bring it to light so we can all attack it appropriately while also realizing that immunity from this nasty virus is naturally occurring inside each one of us.

About Steve Treu

Steve Treu is a licensed professional counselor and Chief Visionary Officer for Quantum Revolution Inc. His insight-focused therapy uses quantum physics concepts to help clients understand the scientific nature of reality and process what it means for them from both a physical (body) and non-physical (soul) perspective as they heal themselves.

As an "applied quantum philosopher," Treu assists people in exploring their infinite possibilities as they improve their lives through a variety of mind, body, and spirit techniques. He is a frequent lecturer and author of two books: New Eyes and Hope Is Dope.

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