You Are Not Alone–Healing Trauma with Love


A Community Conversation Acknowledging Trauma and Pathways of Healing

6:30 pm EST - 8:30 pm EST

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April is sexual assault awareness and child abuse prevention month, and we hope you will join us for our webinar. In this continuing series, OMA panelists share their experiences and insignts on confronting personal trauma. 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE... Others have walked this path before you, including the panelists in this series. We are all connected on this journey of healing, of both self and humanity, from our own individual traumas as well as our collective traumas. 

Trauma so consistently affects our ability to love ourselves, to know we are always more than enough, and to remember we have a limitless ability to love and therefore to heal. There is a teaching from Christ that tells us we have all that we need within us to heal and when we bring it forth, we will heal... if we hide it within us, it will destroy us. I believe the 'it' is love and what keeps 'it' within is fear and negative imprints that have been fueled by fear and traumas. The opposite of love is fear and when we nurture fear instead of love, it will always destroy us, preventing us from reclaiming ourselves and creating a life we came here to experience based in self-love and love for others. —Gail Hunter

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“To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear.” —Stephen Levine

"You do not need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. " —Thich Nhat Hanh

Self-love, self-compassion is a way of embracing ourselves with kindness and respect and acceptance of our flaws and all that we may have believed should be judged and criticized.

To truly love oneself or another we must open to authenticity, vulnerability, and respect which creates trust leading the path for healing through love.

This panel conversation is part of OMA's Trauma program,  designed for the sharing of stories around our diverse life experiences, and exploring the connections among us all. Please join us in this online series as we continue our journey home to ourselves and to one another. --Callie Gropp, Moderator

Panelists: Callie Gropp, Gail Hunter, Angela Failor, Liza Vivio, Marilyn Carpenter, Elizabeth Homlish and Deb Carter. ​See past panelists.

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