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A Group Session for Balance & Peace Ancient wisdom teaches us that “when you can’t change a situation, […]

A Free Group Session

March 28, 2020  I am sitting in my house, which I have now been hibernating in for over […]

Giving Ourselves Love

Music is an universal language and when it is being communicated by plants, by nature I can feel […]

Free Music of the Plants

Think about what it feels like to be in the forest— to be surrounded by ancient giants with […]

Phipps Indoor Forest Bath

Every Masterplants concert is a unique mix of musicians and plants that perform extemporaneously together… the plants with […]

Masterplants Orchestra

Coach Monique Demonico When Monique Demonico first began using meditation, relaxation training, and thought awareness exercises, she began […]

Create positive change in your life

From William Meader’s website Emergent Light: The goal of every human being is to transform the personality so […]

The Esoteric Philosophy

Bridging the Gaps: Working Together to Support Holistic Wellness Throughout Pittsburgh 2019 Surviving to Thriving seminars are  open […]

Surviving to Thriving 2019