Soul Mating: Exploring Conscious Relationships


Soul Mating: Exploring Conscious Relationships (3-Week Course)

11:00 am - 1:00 pm Eastern

Weekly Zoom Webinar starting Saturday, January 28th

Course Fee: $150

Includes recordings made available to all registrants a few days after each session.
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Relationships are evolving as we are, which can put unnecessary pressure on our interpersonal and romantic interactions. Too often we are tempted to turn and run from soulful connections out of our fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. The impact of changes in outlets over the few years has put unique pressures on our relationships. A balanced understanding of the significance of our relationships is paramount in our personal healing work and a necessity to our growth.

In this 3-part Webinar series, we will take a journey through aspects of relationships as we consider what it is to be conscious within them. This series will focus on;

  • The Narrative of Relationships
  • The Mirror
  • Connection & Communication

This course is suitable for people inside or outside of a current relationship. It will be about learning aspects of relationships, as well as interventions. For our single persons, they will be able to utilize the information and improve their own awarenesses about relationships and their needs within them and not fall into the same pitfalls in future relationships, while persons in couples can work on adjusting their understanding of their relationships and adopt some improved communication skills and empathy.

Class Dates: Weekly on Saturdays, beginning January 28th, 11am - 1pm Eastern

  • Jan 28, 2023 @ 11AM EST
  • Feb 4, 2023 @ 11AM EST
  • Feb 11, 2023 @ 11AM EST

About Your Facilitators

This course will be led by Leza Vivio, and co-facilitated by her husband, Ben. Leza is specially trained in Navigating Intimate Issues and Couples Counseling. Her husband, Ben Vivio, is also a therapist that specializes in Addiction and Recovery. We are presenting this to you not only as counselors, but as real people who are working, learning, and practicing our own relational skills. We have much to offer you personally and professionally. We look forward to gaining wisdom, as well as giving.

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