Healing into Joyful Relationships After Trauma


YOU ARE NOT ALONE--Online Panel Discussion

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Eastern Time

Zoom Webinar

$5 Donation Requested

Includes replay sent to attendees within 48 hrs.

Join YANA panelists as we ask one another our questions and about friendship, vulnerability, attachment, and healing. As we grow older, creating new relationships and making new friends can be difficult. For many of us, life seems busier than ever. Forging new friendships while nurturing our current relationships and tending to our responsibilities, may take a type of effort and thoughtfulness we did not need to draw upon when we were younger. It can also be a source of great joy, connection, and healing.

Seeking inspiration from the poet Reiner Maria Rilke, we will allow ourselves to “love the questions themselves. Live the questions now.” Throughout the conversation, we will share our difficulties, struggles, the answers we have found along our journeys, and the questions we are still living.

This conversation is meant to make space for our curiosities, to be a birthplace for our deepest and truest hopes, and to support our remembrance that we are not alone. And, even as we remember we are not alone, we also remember the answers to our questions will ultimately arrive from within our hearts. 

We invite you to join us, to listen, to share, connect, ask questions, share your answers, and manifest the relationships with ourselves and with others that support joy, hope, simplicity, and peace. 

Again, from Rilke, “go into yourself. Dig into yourself for a deep answer...then, as if no one had ever tried before, try to say what you see and feel and love and lose…Perhaps you will find them gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” And, perhaps, that distant day is already appearing on the horizon.  

It can be a lonely journey, but You Are Not Alone.

The format of this event is a group panel that discusses and has conversations around different aspects of healing from trauma. We have anywhere between 4-9 people on the panel and are always open to anyone wanting to join the panel. 

We set this event up as a Zoom webinar, not a meeting, to maintain anonymity of our attendees, so audience members will not be seen.  There is a chat room, and you can ask questions and be invited to unmute yourself if you desire.  Your name will be displayed in the chat, so please feel free to change your name to protect your identity in any way that you see fit.

*** If you feel you are in crisis, please contact the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, which offers free, 24/7 call, text and chat access to trained crisis counselors. Text or call 988 to be connected to a crisis center nearest to you. If you are in an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. OMA Center for Mind, Body, and Spirit does not offer crisis counseling or emergency services.***

It is critical that our efforts strengthen, so we can begin to heal these invisible wounds.  They are crucial in promoting the healthy development of children and adults and healthy behaviors in families, schools and communities, thereby reducing the likelihood of trauma.

$5 Donation Requested. Your gift will be used to help us attain our goal of establishing a community and retreat center for the local community. Your generosity of any amount is greatly appreciated.

This panel conversation is part of OMA's Trauma Program. YOU ARE NOT ALONE is an OMA Webinar Series featuring a panel conversation on trauma and recovery—We are all connected on this journey of healing, of both self and humanity, from our own individual traumas as well as our collective traumas.

Panelists: Marilyn Carpenter, Deb Carter, Angela Failor, Callie Gropp, Gail Hunter, Mai Nguyen, Leza Vivio. See past panelists.

Moderator: Callie Gropp

Let’s all drop the pretense that we are either normal, or abnormal…
We are all in the same support group: ordinary people who must deal with the struggles that come with being human. 
We all carry this heavy weight—a trauma, whether from childhood abuse, childhood adverse experiences (ACE's),domestic violence, gaslighting, bullying, emotional/ verbal abuse and manipulation, medical trauma, and injury.   We all at the same time struggle to meet our basic human needs for connection, community, acceptance, and validation among ones who share our culture and language, or not, for authenticity–the capacity to feel what we feel and to be in touch with our bodies and to express what we feel when we need to.

Fundamentally, that is the ultimate trauma, the disconnection from ourselves…

In this webinar series we believe that in the presence of compassion, healing is possible. Only with compassion can we bear our pain. In the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying the author says, whatever you do don’t shut off your pain. Accept your pain and remain vulnerable. –Mai Nguyen, Panelist


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2 thoughts on “Healing into Joyful Relationships After Trauma

  • Jayne Murphy

    I am 61 years old. I have trauma’s dating back to when I was 6 yo which I’ve never really dealt with. I recently lost my oldest sister of whom I’ve been caring for for over a year. My trauma’s I find cause me severe anxiety, relationship difficulties and lack of self confidence/esteem.

  • Pam Bernard

    I lost my husband August 19 2022, and I’ve was sick before that. I’ve lived with depression/anxiety and more for over 40 years. I’m 56 as was my husband when he passed. My youngest son out of 2 boys was an addict and got into trouble. there never seems to be an end to the trauma and the way I feel.