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..that everything you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, or sense in any way is an aspect of Divinity. […]

Finding Peace

A daylong workshop including lectures and demonstrations on various holistic healing approaches.

Quantum Healing Workshop


OMA lectures on holistic health and wellness are held twice a month.  Mindfullness, Metaphysics, Meditation, Energy Healing, Chinese Medicine, […]

OMA Lecture Series

Some think dogs make great therapists, Here are 10 good reasons why, (Just don’t count on them when […]

Canines as therapists

Science is revealing that coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and possibly lung cancer. In […]

Coffee – A Healthful Drink

Science is just beginning to explore how essential oils reach and influence the human brain, emotions and body […]

Essential Oils

If you have had a demonstration of Seimei, you have experienced this unique compassion as the powerful ability to […]

Seimei – Vital Life Force


Through experiential education and clinical resources OMA provides all individuals opportunities to explore and honor one’s journey in […]

Our Mission