Personal Growth

We all understand the language of archetypes. “She’s a natural mother.” “That person is always the martyr.” “She’s a warrior.” “He’s a real networker.” These statements are ways of communicating universal energy patterns (aka, archetypes). Archetypes are impersonal patterns of power and behavior. They can explain why we are drawn […]

An Introduction to Archetypes – based on the work of ...

So many of our wisdom/spiritual traditions are based on heart-centered teachings. Mystics, poets and truth-seekers throughout the ages have recognized the profound importance of living in and through the sacred heart. In this talk, Dana Micucci shares powerful heart-based teachings and practices from some of the world’s wisdom traditions (Tibetan, […]

Embodying the Wisdom of the Heart

The day after our Thursday night lecture with Marla Mervis-Hartmann, I found myself choosing in terms of higher order “pleasure”—the kind of deep pleasure, as Marla described, that has almost nothing to do with short-term desires or what a distorted mind might perceive as a “need.” Higher Order Pleasure leads […]

Higher Order Pleasure