The first of four community-based conversations facilitated by OMAPittsburgh.org Two community-based organizations are coming together to dosomething BIG – build community, inspire change and give back.Please join us for the first of four community-based conversations facilitated by OMAPittsburgh.org. These conversations are designed to interrupt the normalization of trauma in schools, […]

“Unity in the Community: We Are Not Alone”

PURCHASE TICKETS online Tickets can also be purchased at Journeys of Life in Shadyside, either at their store in person or by phone. They are located at 810 Bellefonte Street, Pgh, PA. 15232 and the store phone number is 412.681.8755. * SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE * ABOUT THE EVENTThe times in which […]

Marianne Williamson: Love America Tour

SEIMEI HEALING:  Mani Power Bracelet Workshop SEIMEI (Japanese for “vital life force”) is a non-touch energy healing technique from Japan, effective in reducing pain and discomfort, lessening swelling, decreasing stress and increasing energy. Toshihisa Hiraki, the originator of Seimei, spent 30 years developing these most amazing techniques, so that everyone can learn to […]

WISDOM WEDNESDAY – with Nicola Bertolo. Introduction by Sheryl ...

Did you know that the bacteria and other microorganisms that make up your intestinal microflora play a major role in your overall mind-body health?   And that about 80-90% of your body’s total serotonin is found in the gut, not in the brain? Whether you are interested in feeling better […]

DR. ILONA BERKOBEN, M.D. – The Mind-Gut Connection