PURCHASE TICKETS online Tickets can also be purchased at Journeys of Life in Shadyside, either at their store in person or by phone. They are located at 810 Bellefonte Street, Pgh, PA. 15232 and the store phone number is 412.681.8755. * SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE * ABOUT THE EVENTThe times in which […]

Marianne Williamson: Love America Tour

An Awakening:  An act of waking from sleep, or a moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. In Lillie Leonardi’s lifetime, she experienced several awakenings. Each evolved her to a higher level of spiritual awareness and growth. But none as miraculous as an angelic encounter on 9/11 at the Flight […]

Awakening: When Two Worlds Collide

Winter solstice brings the shortest day and longest night of the year when the sun is at its lowest arc in the sky. The word solstice is derived from the Latin word solstitium, sol meaning sun and stitium meaning stoppage. An ancient definition of solstice is “standing still sun.” Because […]

Winter Solstice 2017

In this ultramodern world we can lose ourselves in a number of ways with busy lives, stressful jobs, financial burdens and mindless entertainment as an escape At times we feel like life is a crazy, tedious grind and there’s just got to be something more. What do you think it […]

Food for the Soul

The earth has been there for a long time. She is mother to all of us. She knows everything. The Buddha asked the earth to be his witness by touching her with his hand when he had some doubt and fear before his awakening. The earth appeared to him as […]

Mother Earth