Energy Healing

A spiritual intuitive guide, Jack Kaine has helped many people since the early 1990’s through his insightful intuitive readings.  Jack is a Reiki Master who offers deep energy-based healing along with intuitive guidance during a session. A description of his talk at this OMA event will be provided shortly.    

What is a Spiritual Intuitive?

SEIMEI HEALING:  Mani Power Bracelet Workshop SEIMEI (Japanese for “vital life force”) is a non-touch energy healing technique from Japan, effective in reducing pain and discomfort, lessening swelling, decreasing stress and increasing energy. Toshihisa Hiraki, the originator of Seimei, spent 30 years developing these most amazing techniques, so that everyone can learn to […]

WISDOM WEDNESDAY – with Nicola Bertolo. Introduction by Sheryl ...